Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Things i Hate about university

The People

I cant stand how most people come to uni and think they have to adhere to the uni steriotype of being crazy, drinking lots and dressing up... its like they had no life before uni.
People love staying here fore the whole semester. I love going home.
Dont get me wrong, i have some quality nights out here with my group of mates that are normal guys but uni is so over-rated.

By far, the worst of the people at uni are the preppy type
'Yahs, Jack wills wearers'... whatever you call them, they are complete arrogant twats.
A typical preppy twat would be wearing the following:

Stupid oversized floppy woolly hat- even on a warm sunny day!

Jack wills shirt/ other polo/ sports team top/ Uni hoodie

Shorts/Jack Wills Tracksuit bottoms

Flip Flops

'Uni Phrases'

Certain annoying phrases are used over and over... someone will hear a phrase then start to use it themselves. It keeps getting passed on until pretty much everyone is saying it. They think its cool to say them.
Some examples:

'Messy' - 'Lets get messy!' 'I had a messy night!!' 'this tune is messy'

'Times' - 'good times' 'bad times' 'fun times' 'drunk times' or a horrifying combo of 'messy times'

'Pre-drinks' - 'come to mine at 7 for pre-drinks' always pre-drinks, why not 'have a few drinks at mine before we go out' ?

Sports Team shirts/ Hoodies

The members of the teams wear their shirts and hoodies everywhere!... like its a medal.
its dosnt make you better because you know someone in the team and they got you in.

Music at student nights

Its always the same old shit... chart, rnb, commercial house, 'indie' rock...(where the artists are actually signed to big lables, not independant ones). Its terrible.
Though its never gunna change, 90% of students are idiots... n they lap this shitty music up.
They wouldnt make much money if they played decent music.


The biggest fad at the moment is dubstep... I love dubstep and i have been following it for about 4 years.
But it makes me cringe when all these stupid boys and girls claim that they love dubstep.
They only claim to like it because its just breaking into the overground and its the 'in thing' to like it.
Just like the 'indie' fad.

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