Thursday, 21 May 2009

"I write bars on spiderman rooftops, haze in my system."

After hearing rumors from freshers week of being able to get on to the roof of my uni halls, i was desperate to get up there.
On my first search for this holy grail it seemed that it was just a myth.
But one morning after a night out i was determined to find it, i already knew that the doors were locked at two of the staircases so i tried the 3rd, middle one. The door swung open to reveal a place i'd never seen before. It was the mechanics room for the elevators. it was pitch black but i managed to stumble past the clanging machinery and generators to find a tiny staircase and door.
It opened and the 5am sunlight filled the room, i had made it!
I can leave Portsmouth a happy man.

After i told my mates of the discovery we decided to get on another halls roof that night.
This one was easy, unhitch the window and jump down.

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