Monday, 5 January 2009

The strangest place

New Zealand.
I did'nt really know what to expect, all i knew was that its about the same size as Britain but has only 4 million people.
I thought the weather was similar to Australia's. It turned out that i traveled 27 hours across the world to get to England again...but with a few differences...
There are no clubs, the towns are 4 hours apart and the 3 'cities' were quiet. Black people are replaced with japs.
The bars shut at 12 midnight on xmas eve, very poor.
Dont get me wrong, its a beautiful place but its not for me. If i had to choose between stunning veiws and drunk girls puking outside Amadeus, id go for ammo every time.
If you wanna visit, i suggest that u go for the bungy jumping, sky diving etc, then leave for Australia.

New Zealand's Christmas is in their summer but they still have images of snowmen and wooly clothes

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